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  • Regina Mundi

God We Need a Sign

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

So, I was in the physical plant office at this old church checking out the Parish’s website at I was wondering how Robyn was doing on the latest posts and very curious to see what images she had paired up with the content. From one of the announcements, you know, the one about the Parish’s YouTube Channel, I clicked the link and landed at the YouTube Home page for Regina Mundi. The Parish’s YouTube Channel can be found here:

Under Regina Mundi’s YouTube Channel’s “Videos” I saw Father Adam’s “Motorcycle Musings”

So, I decided why not go for a virtual ride on Father’s Harley and listen to what he had to say on Palm Sunday. During the ride, one thing really struck me. Hmm . . . How do we connect with all of our faith community during this pandemic? Hmm . . . a challenge.

On Father Adam’s website, , you can find Father’s sermon podcasts, his “Musings” on various topics, join a Zoom meeting on Wednesdays for Evening Prayer with Father and Deacon Randy. And, on Fridays, there have been Zoom meetings to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. But wait . . . in the top menu on Father’s website there is Canoe??? Okay . . . What’s this about? All right. How to build a cedar strip canoe. Yes . . . Great idea for social distancing and if the Great Flood follows this pandemic, a canoe would be very helpful. Oh my. Just look at how many C-clamps Father has. You know, I have some of C-clamps and some F-clamps at the Church. I often need these clamps for repairing pews. Plus, I have a pile of scrap wood, some wood glue, some basic tools and lots of leftover paint . . . But sadly no cedar. Okay, back to the original problem. How do we connect with our faith community during this pandemic? God, we need a sign...

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay connected. And, until next time, this is Michael Pollard for This old Church of Ours.


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