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Ministers of the Eucharist & Word

Be a vessel for God's love by proclaiming His Word or assisting in distributing Holy Communion.

About the Ministers of the Word:
“The word of God, proclaimed in the sacred Scripture, enlightens our minds and hearts. When the Scriptures are read in the liturgical assembly, God speaks to us and calls us to respond in faith and love. The ministry of the reader, then, is important to the life of the Church, for the reader proclaims God’s living word.” (The Order of Commissioning Ministers of the Word)

The role of Readers, or Lectors, is to assist in proclaiming the Word of God at Parish liturgies and other prayer celebrations throughout the year. The call to be a Lector is something that demands preparation since it is Jesus Himself who speaks in the Scriptures. In proclaiming the Scriptures, the Lector uses voice, presence and personality so that the Word of God may be heard. Training is provided for those wishing to read at Liturgy.

About the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist:
“In your ministry, you must be examples of Christian living in faith and conduct; you must strive to grow in holiness through this sacrament of unity and love. Remember that, though many, we are one body because we share the one bread and one cup.

As ministers of Holy Communion be, therefore, especially observant of the Lord’s command to love your neighbour. For when He gave his body as food to His disciples, He said to them: “This is my commandment that you should love one another as I have loved you.” (The Order of Commissioning Ministers of Communion).

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are lay parishioners who have been authorized by the Church Clergy to administer and distribute “Holy Communion” to other parishioners during, and even outside of, the celebration of mass. Typically, Eucharistic Ministers can also distribute “Holy Communion” to those in prison, or to those who are sick and are unable or incapable of attending the Mass. Participation in this ministry is by invitation only.

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