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Faith Formation

Resources to Learn and Grow

Invest time in your own faith formation and relationship with God by diving into sacred scripture, and learning about what theologians and scholars have to say! 


Let’s make the most of your time at home to better understand, live, and share our faith!  You will enjoy the movies, eBooks, talks, cartoons, Bible studies and much more on your computer, Smart Phone, Tablet, or any internet connected device (such as Roku and Apple TV). Before you log in to with our Parish Subscription, register yourself for FREE access with these 3 easy steps:

1.    Go to

2.    Enter our Parish Name and select our Regina Mundi Parish from the drop-down menu

3.    Register with your name and email address and you’re in! 

Once subscribed, sign up for FORMED Daily (short faith-filled videos sent right to your email inbox: 

Click Here to sign up for

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