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Church Decorating Team

A creative team with an eye for design and passion for using beauty to draw people closer to God.

“The adornment and decor of a church should be such as to make the church a visible sign of love and reverence toward God” (Ceremonial of Bishops, No. 38).

The Church Decorating Team of Regina Mundi Parish is composed of several talented volunteers who decorate our Church at certain liturgically significant times of the year. The Team will decorate the Church for special occasions as well. You will often see the work of these artistic believers at Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day. The purpose of the Church Decorating Team is to enhance the environment where our Parish community prays and celebrates God’s many blessings. The Church Decorating Team works closely with the Sacristan and Altar Linens Team.

The Church Decorating Team has no formal scheduled meetings. Decorating planning is often done through email correspondence and telephone calls. Special decoration days are arranged around the Church calendar and Mass schedule. It is on these special decorating days when the Church Decorating Team’s plans are brought to life in the Church proper.

If you have a talent for decorating and would like to discover more about this Ministry, please contact Michael Pollard through the Parish Office.

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