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Young Adults

A chance for those aged 19-39 to gather, create, advocate, and simply have fun!

(Starting up soon)
About: Most young adults yearn for the same things: joy-filled community life, conversing with fellow young adults, engaging, preaching and teaching, mentorship and guidance in discernment. Why not gather for this purpose? The members of this group are willing to make a difference in our world - starting at our parish and working our way out to the global community.

The Young Adult Ministry provides an opportunity for those ages 19-39 to build and find a home within the Church by giving them the tools and vision to meet their spiritual goals and to become evangelists in their own communities. This is done through engagement in various age appropriate activities and spiritual growth opportunities. It is a chance to be part of any of the following:

- Community and Belonging (a faith community where everyone is comfortable)
- Dynamic Liturgies
- Spiritual Growth and Enrichment
- Religious education and Catholic identity
- Guidance and direction in life
- Acceptance and support
- Opportunities for service and leadership
- Social activities
- A community that shares common values
- Inspiration and rejuvenation

Who Can Join? Young Adults ages 19 - 39 who are single or married, divorced or widowed, in post-secondary, working, unemployed or in discernment.

Meeting Schedule To be Announced (Once a month activities)
Activities include: Wine and Cheese, Theology on Tap Nights, Small Emmaus conversation groups, Niagara Wine Tours, Adoration and Benediction Hours, Volunteer Endeavours, Conferences and Workshops in Leadership, Overnights at Spiritual Retreat Centres, etc.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact: Stephanie Martyres at

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