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  • Regina Mundi

In Memoriam

Regina Mundi Parish has always had a tight knit community, and our hearts are always saddened by the loss of one of our own.

Deacon Randy was not only a part of our community, but he was a leader, a teacher, and a role model for everyone. He changed the lives of many. Although saddened by the sudden loss of our Deacon, as Catholics we have a silver-lining, which is that Deacon Randy is still with us in spirit. As we pray for him, we can only be certain that he is praying for us as well.

From his bus stop ministry to his homilies, he was able to help change the world one soul at a time. His service won't be forgotten, and his legacy will live on through Shifra homes, where he unyieldingly and selflessly battled for the souls of the unborn. We thank God for giving this community Deacon Randy, and ask Him to console his family in their heartbreak.

Deacon Randy, pray for us.


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