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  • Regina Mundi

Register for a Faith Study!

We are excited to be able to open up the CCO Faith Studies to more participants and to launch more groups in February!

These studies have transformed so many lives, including the lives of a lot of our parishioners. The Faith Studies have 5 modules, but for now we're inviting you to Discovery and you can decide if you want to continue after every module.

1. Discovery - see below

2. Source - on the Holy Spirit

3. Growth - Christian Life & Sacraments

4. Trust - building trust in God

5. Commission - the Church's mission and how we live it

The Discovery Faith Study invites us to encounter Christ through a simple but challenging look at the Gospel message, and it is designed to help us embrace a Christ-centred life.

Get connected with a small-group, rediscover the beauty and richness of the faith, journey even deeper into your faith as you place Christ at the centre of your life and become equipped to live out your identity as a missionary disciple!


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