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  • Regina Mundi

Shopping Card Programme (Updated) | KoC

We place orders for cards monthly. But we will take orders at any time, and process them at the next order date.

Please find the SCHEDULE and the ORDER FORM below!

Make sure to check out their page for more information!



KoC Shopping Card Order Form 2021
Download PDF • 488KB

Last year, the Knights raised about $10,000 from our events. From this revenue we support organizations in the community. We support the St. Vincent de Paul Society in the parish as well as Neighbour to Neighbour in providing assistance to low income families. We support the youth at schools in the parish with scholarships and breakfast programmes, as well as St. Martin's Manor. We gave money to Hamilton Right to Life, Birthright and the Cancer Assistance Programme. So we support the needs of the community in many ways.

How do we get our funds? We have two major events - the Breakfast with Santa, the Father-Daughter Dance, which traditionally have provided most of our funds. Also, we raise money from the sale of shopping cards, which we do every month. And this is what I want to encourage you to give your support. We sell cards from a large variety of businesses, too many to list individually, but they are all on the order forms, which are available in the narthex today.

The way the program works is that if you buy cards from us, you pay the face value of the card, buy a $50 card for Metro for example, you can spend $50 at Metro using the card. We make money because we can buy the cards at a discounted price. The discount varies from business to business, but ranges from 2% for some grocery stores, to 10% for some high margin businesses. On average, we make about 4%.

How do our customers use their cards? Many of them use cards for their normal monthly expenses - food, gas, drug stores, coffee shops, etc. They use the cards for things they would buy anyway, and we make a little money. Some customers use the cards as gifts to family members.

We would like to expand our shopping card program. So we're asking you to please consider joining the program, by taking an order form and bringing it back next week, and if it works for you, make it a monthly habit so that we can provide more help to the less fortunate in our community.


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