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  • Regina Mundi

World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly | CCCB

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

On Sunday, 25 July 2021, we will be celebrating the first World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly. Resonating with Pope Francis' initiative of Amoris Laetitia Family Year, this day will act as a reminder to cherish grandparents and elderly as essential members to the Church and society, a reminder of the Christian community's responsibility to provide pastoral care, and to foster intergenerational conversations.

"The video message brings to life the theme chosen for this day, 'I am with you always' (cf. Mt 28:20). It seeks to encourage young people, families, and communities to draw near and to spend time with grandparents and the elderly, cherishing their essential role for the Church and society." (CCCB Standing Committee for Family and Life).


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