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  • Regina Mundi


From the time that the first lockdown end to the start of the second lockdown, work at the Church really did not turn back to normal for me. Sure there were tasks that remained the same like gardening and cutting the lawn, but, there were many new tasks that needed to be done. One of the new Covid-19 times jobs was cleaning the residue left behind by the spray disinfectant on the Church pews. Rinsing the pews was a time-consuming task that needed to be done to keep them from becoming too sticky.

The second lockdown for the Church came on December 21, 2020, just before Christmas. Once the holiday season was over, with the lockdown still in place, it was time to tackle some of the projects that were not addressed in the between lockdown times. I was able to steam clean all of the entrance mats for the entire building. I was able to scrub and strip the tiled floors in the Parish Hall, the lower level hallways, four washrooms, the Narthex and other two other Church entrances. Removing and cleaning the screens from the stained glass windows vent windows was a job that was tackled. I was able to methodically address the maintenance and repair of the Church pew kneelers and the bumper bracket hardware that attach the kneelers to the pews. I was even able to start a few new painting projects as well.

With the second lockdown behind us, we all still find ourselves living in Covid times with modified routines. So, please stay safe. Stay well. Stay connected. And, until next time, this is Michael Pollard for this old Church of ours.


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