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  • Regina Mundi

The Linden Tree

This summer, the Parish needed to tackle the removal of a dying Linden tree that grew within the semi-circle shaped lawn located adjacent to the Mohawk Road driveway. The Linden tree had been declining for a few seasons. This year, it was painfully obvious that the tree finally had to be removed. Far too many of the tree`s branches within its canopy were dead. There were fewer leaves on the tree this year than last. And, with the tree being located so close to a busy walkway and street, the decision to remove the dying tree became even more urgent.

A locate by the City of Hamilton determined that the Linden tree was on Church property. So, that meant it was up to us to remove the dying tree. Unfortunately, the Parish`s usual tree care contractor is no longer in business, so, I had to find another company to handle the work.

This season has been very busy one for many landscape contractors and tree removal companies. Many contractors told me that the pandemic has led to a greater appreciation of the outdoor spaces around peoples` homes which in turn has led to a greater demand for their services. It took a while to sort out which contractor would be awarded the task of removing the Church`s Linden tree and its stump. Fortunately, through two solid references, I was able to find an arborist whose company was able to tackle the task confidently and efficiently.

The contract to remove the dying tree was awarded on September 22, 2020. The Linden tree was removed in two steps. The tree was cut down to its stump on September 24, 2020. The cost of removing the dying Linden to its stump was $885.92, all taxes included. The removal of the Linden`s stump occurred on October 5, 2020. The cost to grind down the Linden tree stump was $452.00, taxes included.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay connected. And, until next time, this is Michael Pollard for This old Church of Ours.


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