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COVID-Crew & Spray Disinfectant

June 16, 2020 was the date when Regina Mundi Church first opened its doors for in person worship with our Parish community after the Lockdown. Due to government regulations, the Church is only allow to have a maximum of 30% of its capacity providing that physical distancing protocols are in place during Mass times. After each weekend liturgy, the Covid Crew of cleaners, greeters and ushers sanitize the pews and other high touch surfaces with spray disinfectants. To date, the Covid Crew alone has used slightly more than 50 litres of disinfectant. This number does not include the quantity of cleaners and disinfectant that Robyn and I use cleaning the Church.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay connected. And, until next time, this is Michael Pollard for This old Church of Ours.


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