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Space Station Regina Mundi

Day One of the Covid-19 Lockdown for me began on Monday, March 16, 2020. I have been working here at Regina Mundi since 1984. And, in all of this time at working at this old Church, I have never witness anything that has changed my regular work routines such as the Coronavirus has. Thankfully, early in the Lockdown I found two YouTube videos featuring Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield that have strategies for dealing with self isolation and how to cope within a confined space. Living within the confines of the International Space Station must have been a challenge for him. But, Chris Hadfield proved that it was something that was definitely doable.

Now, I had workings of an action plan. First step, know the risk. Creditable sources on the internet and on television illustrated a picture of a deadly Coronavirus that was totally unpredictable in the way it spread and how it affected those who contracted it. So, being away from this virus’ talons would be of the upmost importance for survival. Being on a space station right now would be a very good thing, but unfortunately not practical one. But wait. Churches historically have been places of sanctuary and solace. Hmm . . . I now work on Space Station Regina Mundi.

Now, what do I do with all of this time and space? Next step - choose my goals. There are piles of projects around this space station that need attending. The Narthex needs to be refreshed, the Parish Hall needs some touch ups, the storage closets and store rooms need sorting . . .

Okay. Now, what are my constraints? Lynda tells me that donations are down since the beginning of the Lockdown. So, priority one is to try to limit all project costs and just work with what I have available on hand. So, it then became time to dig into all of the closets and store rooms and take an inventory of what was actually there. Once everything was sorted, it became time to figure out what projects to tackle and how those materials could be used to complete those outstanding projects.

The next step is to take action! The Outer Narthex walls suffered some water damage a few years back . . .

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay connected! Until next time, this is Michael Pollard from This Old Space Station of Ours.

The two Chris Hadfield videos referred to in this column are:

1. An Astronaut’s Guide to Self Isolation:

2. and, “Chris Hadfield Explains How Astronauts Cope with Self Isolation:


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